We start off this summer by releasing houses in Rosendar. Yes, you can now have your very own home in the town we all love. The first houses have been released for 1000 shells, and right now only ranked players can purchase them. This means only Premium, Ultra, Legend, and Grangod players can buy houses. We have made it this way for two reasons:

  1. We want to raise the purchases on the server. This will help us pay for our new Wild and Minigame servers!
  2. We don't want to have a shortage of houses so we are adding more before we release to all players

When will houses be available to all players?

  • Houses will not be avaiable to all players for at least a couple of months. However, we are working simultameously on adding apartments which will be available to players mid-summer!
Punainen Nice! =)
Alpha_Lexi09 How do you get a house

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Holiday Giveaway. We had several entries, but sadly there can only be three winners tonight! 

Grand Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Winner: CaloSource

2nd Prize: Free Minecraft Account Card

Winner: BobStuntsville

3rd Prize: $15 Online Store Credit

Winner: AyItzSkele

To claim your prize, talk to one of the owners in game or on the discord channel!