Purchase a rank on the Datecraft server to unleash awesome abilities, mutations, and special effects. This rank is applicable to all of the Datecraft servers.
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What does my money go towards?
Your purchase to our server allows us to pay our monthly bills to maintain the server. Other advancements such as plugins are also developed through the use of our server funds. 
I didn't get my shop rank/items
Purchases take approximately 5-20 minutes to go through our system. To make sure you get your rank/items go to /server hub in game and sit for a couple minutes. If this doesn't work, try rejoining then contact an admin.
What happens if I charge back the money?
Because we use this money directly towards the server, we do not offer refunds unless it is within a short amount of time after your payment. People who charge back will be removed from the website and server. Other terms can be found at
Having problems with your purchase?
The fastest way to contact us about purchase issues is by submitting a ticket at
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